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APPA Promoshow 2022
Test Your Brand Knowledge #2

Thank's for testing your brand knowledge at APPA Promoshow 2022.

Question number 2:

Aleksandr's assistant Sergei has two titles ‘Head of IT’ and ‘Head of’what?

The Answer:

Head of IT and 'Tea Making'

According to Aleksandr's introduction, "As well as being Head of IT, Sergei is also Head of My Tea. I like it milky."


The full biography, revealed piecemeal over time, indicates that Sergei was something of a computer prodigy, and that he attended MIT (Meerkat Institute of Technology).


The biography also includes some chronologically-challenged information: apparently Sergei designed the Mir(kat) Space Station in the 1980s, but he also lost his job in the space program because he faked a moon landing in his own garage. It is Sergei who is officially running the website, and being inundated with traffic from people who have gone there looking for insurance.

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