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APPA Promoshow 2022
Test Your Brand Knowledge #3

Thank's for testing your brand knowledge at APPA Promoshow 2022.

Question number 3:

What type of car might have a broken 'fretz'?

The Answer:

A Goggomobil.


Yellow Pages produced a ripper of an ad in 1992. It showed a man with a broad Scottish accent working on his car, and discovering that it had a broken 'fretz'. He needed to contact a spare-parts place but had trouble getting the message across because of his accent.

He resorted to spelling out the name "G-O-G-G-O...", and then having to tell the spare parts salesman that it was "Not the Dart! Everyone thinks of the Dart!".


The Goggomobil was a small car produced in Germany in the 1950s and 60s, and the Dart was an Australian-made body on a Goggomobil chassis. The tiny 293cc engine could push the vehicle along at a withering 85kph!

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