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What chocolate is used?


Chocolate Works prides itself on using quality products supporting locally made businesses. Designed for the Australian palette our coverture chocolate is made here in Melbourne and provides that "melt in your mouth" experience. Our chocolate is a high grade mix of 33% cocoa solids in our milk chocolate and 55% in our dark chocolate. We provide milk, white and dark variety in our freshly made to order chocolates. We also use international Belgian chocolate for our Neapolitan's. Our chocolate coins come from Italy, another quality product using the finest ingredients. We also provide  Lindt™ chocolate bars and the Smarties used for our exclusive printed Smarties™ are provided by Nestle.

Moulded versus 3D


Moulded chocolate is when there is a logo or design embossed onto the surface of the mould. We create a specific mould for your chocolate and use this to make a message in a flat chocolate.  A 3D chocolate mould is when the chocolate is actually 3 dimensional like the lips, statue, champagne bottles. You will see most of our 3D product in the foiled range and on our online shop.

Do you do products other than chocolate?


Yes we do! We provide other confectionery like snakes, Jaffas, Smarties™, caramelised popcorn, jelly beans and marshmallows. ​  Check out our confectionery range here.

Does Chocolate Works deliver under plain wrap or Reseller wrapping?

Yes, Chocolate Works can deliver directly to your client under plain wrap or under your own wrap.

Does Chocolate Works provide Reseller pricing?

Yes, whilst Chocolate Works also sells direct to customers, Resellers receive a discounted price on products to allow them to add a margin.  If a Reseller requests a price on a job we have already quoted directly we will let you know.

Can you make a chocolate in any shape or design?


Over the years Chocolate Works has developed a multitude of methods for creating chocolate moulds that enables us to create a chocolate in almost any shape and design. If you have a brief, we love a challenge!

Do you provide contract manufacturing or packaging?
For sure. If you've got a great idea for a chocolate you want to take to market but no-one to make it for you Chocolate Works can contract manufacture for you to your specifications.  Similarly if you've got a chocolate but no one to wrap it, foil it or box it, come talk to us.
What foil colours are available?
Chocolate Works has 26 different foil colours to choose from, some of which are exclusive to us, and we add new ones regularly.  Some items are restricted in foil colour options such as the coins which come as standard silver or gold only.  Check out the range of foil colours here. 
Does Chocolate Works ship interstate?

Yes, we deliver both Australia wide and internationally. 

What happens if my goods are damaged or don't arrive?

We use either our preferred courier services where all goods can be tracked. We have processes in place where by we can see where your item is during transit and arrives safely. If in the unlikely event your item is lost in transit or damaged we will happily replace it. 

What chocolate styles are available?


The vast majority of products can be manufactured in milk, dark or white. Lindt™ chocolate bars are only provided as milk , stamped coins are only available in milk and Neapolitan's in milk and dark only. Moulded chocolate, foiled chocolate, boxed chocolates etc can be made in milk, dark or white.

Where is the chocolate made?


We make most of the chocolates here on the premises daily, fresh to order. Some of our chocolates (like Smarties™ and Lindt™ Chocolate) are pre-made.

Can I get flavours in my chocolate?


Yes, products made in house with our milk dark or white chocolate can be flavoured with flavour essences and or inclusions, such as coffee, musk, sour raspberry, honey & salt, lime & lemon and aniseed. 

Does Chocolate Works provide Reseller pricing?

Yes, whilst Chocolate Works also sells direct to customers, Resellers receive a discounted price on products to allow them to add a margin.  If a Reseller requests a price on a job we have already quoted directly we will let you know.

Can Chocolate Works recreate an existing chocolate?

Chocolate Works can recreate an existing chocolate, mould or object with our in-house tooling and moulding techniques.  We can also recreate existing packaging like boxes and wrappers.  So if you have an existing product that you can no longer source, send it to us and we will recreate it for you.

Do you provide artwork services or do I have to supply artwork?
Generally clients will supply there own artwork based on our specifications, we'll send you an artwork template to work off.  If you want us to create artwork for you, that's no problem either, a small artwork fee is payable.
What designs work best in customised chocolate?
The simpler and clearer your design the better it will work. Eliminate fine details, keep a good level of white space and no clutter.  If you've got fine detail you need to get across consider adding a sticker or wrapper to your product instead of making your chocolate design too busy. If you really need fine detail in your chocolate, we recommend stepping up to a silicone mould instead of plastic.
What can I print on the smarties?

We advise to keep your design simple on the Smarties as they are so small and a complex design won’t print well. The Smarties are printed in Black colour only and white beans can be printed in colour. 

How does Chocolate Works protect goods during transit?
Chocolate Works has been shipping chocolates all over the country and internationally for over 20 years in polystyrene boxes and we've developed some pretty nifty packaging techniques to ensure your goods are well protected in transit even in the hottest of conditions.  When it gets really hot, cold packs may also be used. you can rest assure they will remain in tact during transit.
What type of payments do you accept?

We accept AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, EFT, cheque cash. Payment is required on order for bespoke products

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