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The power of chocolate.


The turn down gift is a nice gesture, that helps you shine, engages with your guests, enhances your brand, and helps you spring to mind next time your guests are booking, and it did not start that long ago.


As the story goes, sometime in the early 1950s, actor Cary Grant was staying at the luxurious Mayfair Hotel in downtown St. Louis. He was a frequent guest and booked the penthouse suite, and had a woman meeting him there. The woman arrived at the suite before Grant did and found that he had laid a trail of chocolates starting in the sitting room, into the bedroom, across the bed, and onto the pillow.


The Mayfair’s manager heard about the chocolate gambit and liked the idea so much that he made a chocolate on the pillow upon arrival one of the hotel’s many standard amenities.

Quest_Coffee Condiment.jpg
Boutique_4 Pack.jpg

Anyone can do a mint.


The turn down gift has come a long way since then.  Whilst a generic chocolate mint became the mainstay, now you can take your guests experience to a whole new level. Chocolate Works has been creating bespoke chocolates for over 21 years and is the premium supplier of customised chocolates in Australia.


Your chocolates, your way.

Imagine providing a turn down gift that is not just a delicious chocolate but is branded with your company identity. Crafted with the finest Australian made coverture chocolate, embossed with your logo or other design, and packaged in bespoke branded packaging.

More than just turndowns.

Extend your branded chocolate offering by providing custom branded chocolates as a check in sweetener, in-room amenities, gift shop goods, the perfect coffee condiment, conference handouts, and special event chocolates.  The uses for bespoke chocolates are as unlimited as the creativity that goes into designing and creating them.

Brand recognition at its tastiest.

Whatever purpose you put your bespoke chocolates to, every time a guest enjoys one, your brand recognition is enhanced, whether you are a local bed and breakfast or a global hotel group.

Never underestimate the power of chocolate.

Whilst some turn-down or in-room amenities come and go as trends change, chocolate is always popular and welcomed by guests world-wide.  As the old saying goes, 9 out of 10 people say they love chocolate, the other one lied.

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