Chocolate Works invented customised corporate chocolates for promotional products, corporate marketing, hospitality and special occasions back in 1999.  We also invented custom printed smarties and chocolate beans, and we've developed a large range of other confectionery items that are perfect for corporate promotions, economical and offer an alternative to our chocolate range.


Exclusive  to Chocolate Works, we can print your logo or other design on Smarties™ and chocolate beans that make a fun, tasty and economical promotion and marketing tool.  You can mix and match specific colours for your theme or branding.  Available in bulk or a range of customised packaging options.

Popcorn is a great alternative for those events where chocolate is not suitable.  Popcorn works well for marketing and promotions but also for special events.  It's a great alternative where conditions may not suit chocolates.  Available as plain popcorn or caramelised popcorn in a range of packaging. 

Chocolate Works have a great range of other confectionery items as well, from JaffasTM, to musk sticks, marshmallows, jelly beans and bullets.  We can pack your choice of confectionery in a range of standard or customised packaging to suit your needs.