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Chocolate Works corporate range provides endless options for corporate promotions, marketing, competitions, gifts and customer rewards, conference pieces, media releases, brand recognition and development and special event chocolates.

Whether you are a small business or global conglomerate chocolates should be a part of your corporate marketing and brand recognition mix.

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Custom Printed Smarties

Exclusive To Chocolate Works

Only available from Chocolate Works, custom printed smarties in mixed colours and chocolate beans in mixed or specific colours.  Available in a wide range of packaging options to suit your needs.

Custom Printed Smarties

Custom Moulded Logos

Any size, design and shape

Imagine your logo or other design moulded in to a decadent chocolate and packed in an array of packaging options.  We can create your logo chocolate in virtually any shape, size and design.  Our standard packaging is a clear heat sealed environmentally friendly bag that composts in 8-12 weeks.