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Promote with chocolate.


Is there a better way to promote your brand than with delicious chocolate?

Chocolate Works bespoke chocolates represent your brand in a distinct and tasty way that will leave your clients equally impressed and satisfied.

There is virtually no limit to the possibilities that can be achieved in custom chocolates, from simple logos through to complex 3D pieces with a myriad of packaging options that can further be customised to represent your brand.


Anyone can hand out a regular chocolate.


There are plenty of generic chocolates available that you can hand out at a promotion, place on the tables at an event or conference, or ship our with each of your orders.  But why not make a real impact with your give-away and provide your recipients with something unique.

Your chocolates, your way.

Imagine providing a marketing gift that is not just a delicious chocolate but is branded with your company identity. Crafted with the finest Australian made coverture chocolate, embossed with your logo or other design, and packaged in bespoke branded packaging.

More than just a giveaway.

The number of uses for customised chocolates is almost endless, promote your brand, launch a new product, reward your staff or clients, celebrate a significant milestone, trade show giveaways, media releases, the list goes on and on.

Brand recognition at its tastiest.

Whatever purpose you put your bespoke chocolates to, every time a recipient enjoys one, your brand recognition is enhanced, whether you are a small corner store or a multi-national conglomerate there's a place for customsied chocolates in your brand and marketing strategy.

Jetstar Image.gif

Never underestimate the power of chocolate.

Presenting a promotional tool that not only looks good, has great street appeal, sells your message perfectly and also tastes good is destined to be a winner. As the old saying goes, 9 out of 10 people say they love chocolate, the other one lied.

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