Chocolate Works hospitality range provides endless options for every usage your accommodation offering could need, from turndown gifts, guest information pieces, in room amenities, rewards, conference pieces, retail gift shop items through to complex 3D centre pieces.  

Whether you are a small bed and breakfast or a global hotel chain, the time of offering generic off the shelf chocolates at your venue are finished.  Customise your chocolates and give your guests YOUR chocolates.

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Standard Chocolates

100's of options to choose from

Sports chocolates for events like The Australian Open and AFL finals.  Spanners and hammers for maintenance notifications and thankyou's.  Simple turndown gifts.  The options are endless within our extensive range of standard chocolates.  Customise with stickers, printed foil, or custom swing tags.

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Custom Logos

Your logo in chocolate

Imagine your logo crafted into a delicious chocolate that can be used for any number of purposes around your venue.  Choose from milk, dark or white chocolate, with or without flavour or inclusions.  Dress them up in choice of foil colours, custom printed foil or custom stickers.

Boutique_4 Pack.jpg

Custom Boxes

Unlimited Options

Combine standard or customised chocolates into a custom box.  Unlimited designs to choose from to enable you to create the perfect boxed chocolates for any use in your accommodation venue from single packs through to larger boxes.


Custom Bars

The end of generic chocolate bars

The days of serving up generic chocolate bars for your in room amenities is over, now you can provide guests with your own branded chocolate bars.  The possibilities are endless, customise the bar size and design, choose your foil colour, apply a custom printed wrapper, sleeve or box.  Stick with well loved milk, dark or white, or flavour your bar, or be adventurous and add inclusions to impress your guests.  Peanut butter and pretzels anyone?

Bars_In Situ.jpg
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More Bars

So many possibilities

There's more than just the standard chocolate bar.  We can create custom Neapolitans, delicious bite size pieces that are perfect for a turndown or served with a coffee.

And special occasions in your venue are the ideal time to use our Designer Range of bars, personalised wrappers using premium papers adorned with embellishments and ribbons.

Designer Bar.jpg

Stamped Chocolate Coins

Your design, on the money.

Stamped chocolate coins, but not as you know them, but stamped with your logo, design or message. Delicious milk chocolate encased in gold foil custom stamped on one or both sides. An ideal turndown gift or coffee condiment.

W Hotel Coins.jpg
Emporium_In Situ.jpg
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Printed Card Chocolates

Your message with a chocolate on the side

If you've got something to say to your guests, provide it on a custom printed card with a matching chocolate attached.  Perfect for turn down weather updates, maintenance advice and thankyou's, with the checkout account, or any number of other uses.

Ritz_Weather Card.jpg

The Art Of Chocolate

Two decades of experience

Want to do something extraordinary in chocolate?  Talk to us.  We can create almost anything in chocolate to WOW your guests.  From intricate 3D pieces for special events or simply creating your chocolate the way you want with flavouring and inclusions.  If you can dream it, we can make it.

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