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Does The Great Aussie Waffle Log Float?

When we first had the idea to reinvent that long gone chocolate bar the PollyWaffle we never anticipated it would make such an impression with people. Sure, there's a Facebook page dedicated to trying to convince the former manufacturer to bring the bar back, and it has a decent number of followers, but at the end of the day, it's just a chocolate bar.

Or is it?

Echoing the thoughts of my last post about chocolate and the hold it has over people, like food does in general, reinventing the Polly Waffle, that iconic, floating in the pool confectionery, has touched the hearts, the memories, and the souls of people. So many people have asked - "does it float?"

It's front of mind for people because it's taken them back to a time gone by. Of summer days spent at the beach sipping a Tab and crunching a Waffle. Of watching Caddyshack and the scene with the floating chocolate bar and the cry of "DOODIE" that cleared the pool in seconds flat, followed by Bill Murray chowing down on it once the pool had been emptied. Interestingly, it was an American film and not even a PollyWaffle. It was a peanut-and-caramel nougat Baby Ruth - but let's not allow the facts to get in the way of a good memory, Australians converted the bar into something they knew.

People have found a little spot in the back of their mind that this confectionery reminds them of and they've been reminiscing these "better days" and pining for reminders of them. If The Great Aussie Waffle Log helps people get back there - then we've done our job.

And yes, we tested it - it floats!

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