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Thanks for the memories, what's next?

As the dust starts to settle on the media whirlwind that was the launch of The Great Aussie Waffle Log, the take away message from the experience is two-fold.

Firstly, it's even more apparent than before that a simple chocolate bar is far more than just a combination of a few ingredients. It really is a placeholder in the lives of thousands of Australians and has been missed by many. So did Nestle bail on this Aussie icon too soon? Probably not. Once the volumes dropped below the critical mark that can sustain a large production line, it becomes unviable for a multi-national to continue to satisfy the needs of the remaining Polly Waffle lovers. It had run it's race. But the memories lived on and we have been proud to shipping our reinvention of that delicious bar.

Secondly, and possibly more importantly, from the flood of correspondence received, there's more than one favourite that people would love to be able to wrap their chocolate loving hands around.

We've received hundreds of messages from chocolate lovers requesting that we become the maker of chocolates past.

So what else is missing from your past chocolate delights? What's the one chocolate bar that has disappeared from your life that you'd love to get your hands on again?

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