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Why is chocolate soooo romantic?

Great question! If we travel way way back Mayans as early as 900AD (where it was said to be discovered), they named the cocoa ’Food of the Gods’ and was consumed during religious ceremonies and marriage celebrations. “King Montezuma, the Aztec king, drank 50 cups of cocoa a day, and an extra one when he was going to meet a lady friend. Because of its stimulating effects, Aztec women were forbidden to drink it.”

If we fast forward to present day, science has shown that chocolate acts as an aphrodisiac and dark chocolate boost serotonin and release endorphins (in layman terms, it makes us happy campers). So if you see someone down and your feeling compassionate, offer them some chocolate!

Then not to knock the blokes, (or men in general!) but one thing they get, is that to give a loved one chocolate they bank on a smile, a hug and….. (we shall leave the rest up to your imagination!)

You name it, we can produce it! A chocolate gold shoe, yep tick. Letters made from chocolate, yep tick, a chocolate plaque with a special message, yep tick, hot sexy chocolate lips, yep tick! Chocolate chocolate chocolate… we’ve got you covered!

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