Chocolate Works manufactures products for companies both large and small and for all kinds of events and purposes.

Our original Work & Case Studies

MTV Networks Australia wanted something incredibly unique to send out to media representatives prior to the 2015 MTV Awards in the U.S.


Chocolate Works manufactured 3 Dimensional copies of the MTV Moon Man award out of milk chocolate, sprayed them in silver food colouring to make them look like the actual thing and shipped them to Sydney to be sent out to local media.


The tooling and moulding took over two weeks to accurately recreate the trophy design and involved 9 separate mould parts to create each individual trophy.


MTV were ecstatic with the outcome and social media was awash the day they were sent out to the media recipients.


This client was after something that gave that 'wow' factor for the nights awards as well as give that smile in the mind element.

We created a 3D mould and meticulously hand painted each chocolate with edible metallic gold.

The night went off as a great success and people couldn't believe they could actually eat their awards!


Mercedes were looking for a promotional product that would stand out and be remembered in the consumers minds.


Sure they could give their clients a bottle of champagne, but hey lets face it, that idea has been done over.


Mercedes wanted charm, brand sophistication and memorability. We created a 3D mould of the logo, coated in edible silver metallic ink, presented in black matt box. Almost too good to eat!


Semann & Slattery wanted something different to present to attendees at a conference involving transport and tram concepts.


Chocolate Works created a chocolate tram to scale of the actual trams deliverying passengers around the streets of Melbourne everyday.


Packed in a window faced box that showed off the chocolate beautifully the chocolates were a great hit.

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